Energy Management: Global Asset, Cost & Market Optimisation

In a rapidly evolving energy landscape, Energy Pool is your partner for comprehensive energy management. We support hybrid renewable producers, microgrids and C&I prosumers with an industrialised platform that manages all types of assets - generation, consumption and storage.

Our advanced capabilities include forecasting, aggregation, optimisation, monitoring, market integration and flexibility monetisation, adaptable to different grid and market contexts.

Experience the future of energy management with Energy Pool.
Discover the Energy Pool software platform, your all-in-one platform for next-generation energy management. Increase your operational profits, optimise your market bidding and unlock new revenue opportunities in the flexibility market. Our platform is designed to optimise your energy costs, reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future - all in line with our comprehensive asset management and advanced functionalities.

Energy Management System– our offer for different needs

Who benefits?

Energy Production Optimisation for Renewable Hybrid Power Plants
Increase your production profit through efficient energy optimisation, manage grid injection, generate additional revenue by interacting with energy markets.

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Energy Management and Power Management for Microgrids
Enable autonomous local power stability, maximise the use of renewable generation and minimise operating costs.

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Energy Management for Commercial
and Industrial Prosumers
Reduce costs and lower your energy bill. Optimise your local energy consumption and production, ensure uninterrupted power supply to your critical assets.

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Energy Pool’s platform is a flexible and scalable system that adapts to all kinds of assets and configurations.

With over 10 years of software development, our energy management software platform offers a wide range of functionality. This is why our platform is categorised as EMS (Energy Management System), DERMS (Distributed Energy Resource Management System), VPP (Virtual Power Plant), EMOS (Energy Management Optimisation System), REMS (Renewable Energy Management System), etc., depending on the type of assets to be managed and the context of use.

What we provide?

Whether you’re a hybrid renewable energy producer, a microgrid operator or a self-generation consumer, your needs can vary greatly depending on your location and market conditions. That’s why we’ve designed our four core features to provide you with tailored solutions for power stability, energy and market optimisation, and additional revenue streams.
Experience the strength of our solution, which comes with a range of built-in features that we customise to meet your context and needs.

Local Power Management

Achieve real-time optimization and resilience for your local grid

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Energy Optimisation

Use advanced forecasting and a forward-looking optimization for significant cost savings

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Electricity Market Optimisation

Leverage market forecasts for strategic energy bidding and cost efficiency

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Flexibility Market Monetisation

Generate new revenue streams by integrating your assets into flexibility programs

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