Flexibility monetization and operations management

Unlocking flexibility potential to seize new opportunities

Demand response and energy flexibility management generate value for all stakeholders:

  • System operators benefits from new reliable and low-carbon resources for system balancing
  • Energy producers find a new lever to optimize the use of their generation assets
  • Energy customers become prosumers and access new revenue streams
  • Suppliers can offer new energy services to their customers and increase attractivity

Energy Pool, your trusted partner to operate and monetize energy flexibility

Energy Pool has a long experience in operating flexibility services in various contexts (ancillary services, markets optimisation, microgrids). Over the years, we have built all the-necessary infrastructure and team to manage 24/7 operations to deliver highly reliable and innovative energy management services.


Power under management (MW)


Energy customers sites and DERs managed


Years of commercial operations for Energy Pool’s DERMS solution

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