Software Platform: Electricity Market Optimisation - Bids strategy

The Energy Pool Software Platform is an all-in-one system designed to reduce your energy costs, cut CO2 emissions and improve the stability of your grid, capable of handling all types of assets. Depending on your specific needs, we can tailor a plan, using our four main features: Local Power Management, Energy Optimisation, Market Optimisation and Flexibility Market Monetisation. Below we describe our Electricity Market Optimisation capability.
In the world of electricity networks, electricity producers feed electricity into the network and consumers take electricity from it. This is a commercial context in which contracts take different forms (fixed/variable price contracts, PPAs, etc.) between the consumer and the producer.

In some countries, the energy market is open for the purchase or sale of energy blocks. However, these energy prices can fluctuate depending on the season or time of day. This is where Energy Pool comes in, incorporating these factors into your EMS Global Optimisation.

By combining market price forecasts with this global optimisation, Energy Pool helps its clients to bid for energy at the most advantageous price and time. This additional capability ensures that our customers can manage their revenues and costs in the best possible way, balancing asset optimisation with market electricity prices.