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Unlocking greater flexibility potential to serve your decarbonization strategies

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At Energy Pool, we truly believe that energy flexibility has a key role to play in industries' decarbonization.

The value generated from the monetization of new flexible MW/MWh can be determining in modernization projects.

Ultimately, it contributes to make energy-intensive cleaner, more competitive, and resilient to variations in energy prices.

We collaborate on key projects:

Automation solution and smart control
to unlock larger flexibility potential

Process electrification
(furnaces, steam boilers...)

Deployment and optimization of new assets (batteries, hydrogen/electrolyser, onsite renewables)

We collaborate with you to define, finance, and implement a pragmatic and profitable strategy. As we are a co-investor in most projects, we are positioning ourselves as a trusted and long-term partner for industries.

Tailored services and areas of expertise

> Engineering: from modelling to control of flexible objects, we commit our expertise concentrated on flexibilization.

> Investment: From forecasts to realization, we deal with and take part in project financials.

> Project management: from feasibility to implementation, we lead the project in a collaborative approach.

> Operations: from energy market access to day-to-day operation, we manage your flexibility and optimize its value.

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