Services for electricity end-users

Reduce your energy costs

From audit to operations… Energy Pool is your partner to save 10 to 25% on your energy bill


Global energy and performance audit
Multidimensional audit: from mass and energy balance data, flow analysis, to on-site generation optimization
Advice on supply contract management
Financial and contracts engineering expertise
Assessment of the flexibility potential and value
Load curve analysis & monetization strategy

We offer you the best tools to monetize your flexibilities and run energy management programmes


Data analytics
Market-monitoring and forecasting tools, energy procurement brokerage
Demand Response Management System
A tool compatible with market requirements allowing you to bid directly on markets, manage multi sites operations & commitments
Smart metering & automation
Real time monitoring and data storage (load, temperature, process status, etc.)
Online customer portal
Financial and operational reporting, availability management and real time follow-up of site consumption

We monetize your flexibility and enable significant savings on your electricity bill


Flexibility trading
We aggregate and trade your flexibility on relevant markets to generate new revenues
24/7 load monitoring and control
Supervision of all events affecting your availability for Demand Response programs, remote management of your assets (processes or on-site generation)
Simplified access to the market
Our experts team takes care of everything: pricing, bid submission, invoicing…
IT tools to make possible simultaneous participation on several DR programs
Training and documentation support for your onsite team
Market intelligence and supervision
Weekly report on market trend & continuous supervision to make you benefit from all opportunities

They trust us

Aircraft manufacturer

Our client is considering the installation of a new production line, but wonders whether an installation in France is the most economical solution.

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Enabling successful participation to interruptibility program

To participate to interruptibility program in France, industrial sites need to be equipped with a robust relay.

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Monetization of Winoa flexibilities

Winoa, world leading steel manufacturer, is looking for solutions to gather new revenues and/or reduce electricity costs.

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