Software Platform - Flexibility Market Monetisation: additional revenues streams

The Energy Pool Software Platform is an all-in-one system designed to reduce your energy costs, cut CO2 emissions and improve the stability of your grid, capable of handling all types of assets. Depending on your specific needs, we can tailor a plan, using our four main features: Local Power Management, Energy Optimisation, Market Optimisation and Flexibility Market Monetisation. Below we describe our Flexibility Market Monetisation capability.
In the world of electricity grids, flexibility programs play a crucial role in maintaining grid stability. The electricity network operators design these programs and create opportunities for producers and customers to be actively involved in maintaining the stability of the electricity network. This participation often takes the form of flexibility services such as demand response or frequency regulation. By participating, producers and customers can earn additional income, potentially reduce their energy costs and help maintain grid reliability.

With over a decade of experience in providing our clients access to these programs, Energy Pool offers producers and customers the benefit of integrating their Energy Management System (EMS) optimisation with the flexibility market. By carefully studying the characteristics of our clients' assets, we can enable their participation in one or more flexibility programs.

This additional EMS capability enables a new revenue stream for producers and customers by monetising their participation in the flexibility market. Coupled with the standard EMS capability, it enables our clients to manage their revenues and costs optimally, balancing asset optimisation with flexibility market participation.