Our Campus development

Joining Energy Pool means becoming a passionate member of a dynamic international company. It is with inventiveness and professionalism that Energy Pool's 200 talents work on a daily basis to build the new energy models of tomorrow, while meeting the growing needs of its customers around the world.

Energy Pool invests in the next generation of talent where students can develop and flourish. We forge links with them through partnerships with universities, internships and work-study contracts (apprenticeship or professionalisation contracts).

Throughout the year, Energy Pool takes part in student forums, job fairs and recruitment events. These partnerships allow us to meet students from diverse backgrounds and offer them innovative initiatives and learning opportunities.

Students: your talent is a source of wealth!

In 2023, Energy Pool welcomed nearly 15 trainees, students from engineering schools, universities, secondary schools and high schools, who are thus able to reinforce their initial training with a rewarding experience within our teams. Some of them even go on to join us for their first job!

The company gives you the opportunity to contribute to an exciting project, to take part in the energy transition, and to come into contact with technology and innovation, which can then open doors to employment within Energy Pool. 

«My six-month internship with BL Consulting was a very rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to acquire and develop a wide range of skills while significantly contributing to the life of the team. I was also given the opportunity to continue my career in another Energy Pool department, which will certainly allow me to broaden my skills and explore new opportunities.»

Lauren Caquant
Lauren Caquant

HappyIndex Trainees

Our added benefits: : Energy Pool is proud to have been awarded the "Happy Trainees 2024" label. A guarantee of quality and recognition of its Campus policy and the development of school relations through forums or local actions with schools, this label is an essential asset for the recruitment of our future trainees and work-study students.

Tutors & Work-study students: what our employee have to say

Our managers are mobilised and trained to support work-study students, introduce them to our professions and pass on our know-how and passion. We need today's talent to build tomorrow's world.

What are we looking for above all? Your skills, your personality and your desire to innovate are the key words to contribute together to the energy transition.

What do you want to pass on to your apprentices?

I like to transmit the breadth and depth of the energy sector and the exciting and fulfilling careers that it can offer. On a more practical level, I like to guide the apprentice on understanding how to autonomously use what they have learnt in school to solve problems and provide value in practice.

Why did you take on an apprentice?

Apprentices always bring new perspectives and knowledge which effectively helps us keep abreast of new trends and technologies. We also derive value by sharing our knowledge and training tomorrow’s engineers in particular in highly technical fields where finding the right mix of skills is increasingly challenging.

What kind of tutor do you think you are?

I like to think I’m a patient tutor who takes the time to guide the apprentice through both methodological and technical work. I particularly enjoy brainstorming sessions where we can co-create solutions to new problems.

What would you like to say to future apprentices to motivate them to join Energy Pool?

If you are looking to apply your skills and learn from a diverse team of energy sector experts (ranging from energy markets, power systems, energy economics, simulation, finance and data science), Energy Pool is one of the best places to do so.

What are the qualities need to be a "good apprentice"?

Be curious, passionate about energy, ask questions, be autonomous but know when to ask for help, have a sense of humour; you should fit right in.

Nils Siebert
Nils Siebert
Senior Data Science Manager

What is your mission?

I work in the international development department. I joined the team as an Export Sales Support apprentice. My role is to coordinate my team through continuous improvement, manage the CRM database as well as translation and other occasional tasks.

How is your relationship with your tutor/team?

My tutor was able to define precise and achievable objectives to help me focus my efforts and prioritise my tasks so that I had a clearer vision of expectations and could concentrate my skills on priority areas. He listens and he is also able to provide regular and specific feedback on my work. This helps me to understand my strengths and areas for improvement, and will allow me to adapt and progress in my career to help me do my job more effectively and develop my professional skills.

Why did you choose to do your work-study placement at Energy Pool?

Doing a placement with EP will allow me to acquire solid expertise in the energy field. I have the opportunity to work in a stimulating and dynamic environment alongside experienced professionals and to collaborate with a passionate and motivated team.

Yousra Ouahmi
Yousra Ouahmi
Apprentice Export Sales Support
Our added benefits:Our tutors all follow the Tutor training course and/or have carried out a tutoring role in the last two years within Energy Pool. And to ensure high-quality, rich and personalised teaching, our tutors can only support two young people (work-study students and/or trainees) at the same time.

What is International Volunteering in Business (VIE)?

Becoming an International Volunteer means going abroad to work for a company with complete peace of mind. Whatever your background, if you are 18 to 28 years old, if you are French or from the European Economic Area, the V.I.E. is for you!

In partnership with Business France , the V.I.E. programme is an opportunity for young graduates from the European Economic Area to cross borders and live an enriching experience while discovering new cultures and languages.

You will have an assignment of 12 to 24 months din one of the countries where Energy Pool is present or wishes to develop (except France). You will gain practical experience in a technical or sales role, working alongside passionate teams. We offer a wide range of assignments, reflecting the variety of our professions and activities. So, are you ready to boost your international career with us?

What is your mission?

I am in charge of monitoring the regulatory changes concerning demand-response in Spain. It took a while, but we can feel that things are starting to move forward: public consultations and new mechanisms are increasing. I also do what you might call "lobbying" and present Energy Pool's experience and expertise to associations and public authorities, because the discussions taking place today in Spain are discussions that have already taken place in other countries where we are present.

After several months, as soon as I got to grips with the Energy Pool offers, my assignment took a more commercial turn. It was this development in my assignment that made me want to continue my VIE for a second year. I feel that I've gained expertise in Spain, that I am starting to become known as Energy Pool's local presence and this is quite exciting.

How did your integration go?

I was lucky enough to spend a month at the head office before leaving for Spain, to be trained and also to meet my day-to-day contacts in person. I imagine that it greatly facilitated my integration because even from a distance, I feel part of the team and it is always a pleasure to come back to Savoie.

How is your relationship with your tutor/team in the country where you are?

We talk daily via Teams and we have a weekly update which helps me plan my weeks.

Noémie Costa
Noémie Costa
VIE Spain

Why did you choose to do a VIE assignment?

I decided to do a VIE assignment because it allows me to work for a French company in a field that interests me, but abroad.
Basically, I have the best of both worlds: working for a company that motivates me, in a place where I would like to live.

Why did you choose Energy Pool?

For me, Energy Pool represents the intersection of three essential aspects: an ambitious project, values in line with my own, and a job that I love and in which I see myself continuing. Today, I feel privileged to be able to claim this satisfaction.

Louis-Nicolas DURAND
Louis-Nicolas DURAND
VIE Netherlands

What to expect

• Participation in strategic projects that contribute to our position as a major player in the energy transition

• Networking opportunities in an international environment

• A rewarding experience through on-the-job learning

• Discovery of different ways of working across different cultures

• Make yourself known and seize opportunities at the end of the assignment