Energy Pool is hiring!

Do you want to change the world? So do we! At Energy Pool, we are determined to build a new energy future, where intelligent energy management creates value for all stakeholders (from producers to consumers) and helps to reduce our ecological footprint.

Teleworking, local management, training, autonomy...we implement a number of initiatives to promote the development of our employees. Team spirit, creativity, strong commitment to projects, sharing... whether in the office, at sports events or outings with colleagues!

What if you were the next player in the energy transition? Come and join us!



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permanent jobs planned for 2024


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work-study students and trainees trained each year

1/ The stages in our recruitment process

Our recruitment process is simple, fast and inclusive:

1. The HR team selects the most suitable candidates according to requirements. An initial interview is carried out, either remotely or on our premises.
2. If the interview is successful, the recruiting manager will invite the candidate for a more in-depth meeting, which is much appreciated as it allows them to get to the heart of the matter, ask all the questions (and get the answers in real time!)..
3. If the candidate is selected, a third and final interview may be held with the head of the department concerned.

The Recruitment Team undertakes to respond to all candidates who have chosen to apply to Energy Pool within 2 weeks. Responding quickly shows that we consider every application, every talent. Personalising the candidate journey is a key element in the recruitment process and in strengthening our employer brand.

What happens next?

Your Recruitment Team contact is there to support you throughout the interview process, whatever the outcome. Feel free to contact them!

"We are committed to responding to all candidates who apply to Energy Pool. We need to be responsive if we want the best talent. We are as transparent as possible, right from the start of the candidate process, with a simple, fast and clear process (presentation of the company, its challenges, its advantages, the atmosphere and its DNA)".

Caroline Mugniéry
Caroline Mugniéry
Head of Recruitment & Employer Brand

Our added benefits: : Energy Pool has been awarded the "Happy Candidates 2024" label. This label bears witness to the quality of our recruitment process and the attention we pay to each of our candidates. Their satisfaction is our priority.

2/ The integration journey

As soon as you join Energy Pool, you will be in immersion for three weeks. You will be right at the heart of our activities, on our Bourget-du-Lac (Savoie) or Lyon site, discovering our organisation, our activities and above all, meeting our employees. As soon as you take up your position, we will give you the keys you need to succeed within the company.

"This immersion journey is essential and appreciated by all. Between in-house training on our professions, discovery of our activities, our organisation and collaborative work, it is an essential tool for sharing Energy Pool's culture and values."

Lola Bertholdy
Lola Bertholdy
Head of Training & Integration

"This immersion journey is well structured. With Energy Pool's activities and organisation, it is of utmost importance that new employees have this cross-functional and global vision. It is well structured. Having worked for several companies in my career, it was the first time I had experienced anything like this. It is particularly relevant in the growth phase which Energy Pool is currently going through."

Amine Arab
Amine Arab
Head of Operations & Business support

3/ Our recruitment charter

2024 04 - Recruitment Charter Energy Pool