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Our values at Energy Pool



Work-life balance

Energy Pool recognises the importance of a balance between personal and professional life. In an increasingly “connected” business environment, employees need to be supported so that their working environment is a source of motivation, self-fulfilment and personal development. 

Energy Pool develops policies to promote quality of life in the workplace through measures and agreements negotiated with social partners.

Teleworking and the right to disconnect

  • This includes, for example, the possibility of teleworking up to 2 days a week, for eligible professions, after validation of the trial period.
  • Energy Pool is also attentive to its employees’ weekly and daily rest periods, promoting the right to disconnect. They must be used in conditions compatible with respect for safety, quality of life at work and the quality of working relations.


  • The company also supports its employees who are parents. Becoming a parent is a big step in an employee’s life, and it brings with it changes in both personal and professional life. The company offers certain arrangements, particularly in terms of leave and working hours.

Prevention of psycho-social risks

  • Energy Pool is particularly attentive to psycho-social risks and their prevention. A number of measures exist (discrimination alerts, awareness-raising and sanctions in the event of harassment, etc.), supported by trained officers who are company employees.


Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity is at the heart of Energy Pool’s values. It is based on a commitment and actions to fight against all forms of discrimination, ensure fairness among employees, include all differences and maintain our leadership.

Integrating all talents

    • Energy Pool applies a proactive policy in terms of integrating people with disabilities. The company’s ambition is to improve the employment rate by recruiting, adapting and retaining disabled employees, and raising awareness among all employees.
  • All our job offers are open to candidates with disabilities, including work-study and internship offers. The arrival in the company of an employee with a disability can be accompanied by personalised support.
  • Energy Pool has implemented its Disability Charter, which  supports the employees concerned and is based on 3 principles:

  • ☑️Administrative support in collaboration with Ducasse
    ☑️time benefits
    ☑️financial benefits


  • At Energy Pool, we make it a priority to provide a comfortable, caring workspace to suit ALL our employees!

Gender equality in the workplace: a performance driver




Energy Pool brings together the expertise of men and women committed to achieving the company’s objectives. All our professions are open to both men and women: developer, sales representative, project manager, consultant, data science/automation engineer, etc.

This commitment is reflected in the company achieving a score of 88 out of 100 in the professional equality index for 2023.

  • -Pay gap indicator: 38
  • -Individual increase rate gap indicator: 35
  • -Return from maternity leave indicator: 15
  • -High remuneration indicator: : 0


Elles Bougent Association

We are partners of the “Elles Bougent” association, which has been campaigning for the feminisation of technical professions for almost 20 years. We want to move forward in the same direction and embrace the dynamic so that more and more women can discover our professions, contribute to the energy transition and join Energy Pool.