Energy Management and Power Management for Off-grid Microgrids  

To discover a real case of our Energy and Power Management implementation, take a look at our Case Study on a Resilient Island Microgrid, where we manage grid-forming inverters and batteries.

Reliable power through renewable energy generation

Once heavily dependent on diesel generators for power, island microgrids are now turning to renewable energy sources and storage. But the unpredictability of this type of energy presents new challenges.

The challenges microgrid operators face as they transition to renewables

How does the Energy Pool contribute to the solution of these challenges?

Energy Pool has experts ready to guide you through the assessment, measurement, and strategy for your assets. We use our extensive experience in agile project delivery to deploy our solution to your microgrid for optimal results. We manage and enhance your microgrid, using our advanced software platform to improve its performance. Our comprehensive energy management strategy ensures the stability of your local grid, further enhancing the resilience and reliability of your energy network. By forecasting production and consumption rates, considering the characteristics of your assets, we achieve optimal cost and CO2 operation while keeping the local grid stable.