Software Platform - Local Power Management (PMS) and Grid Resilience

The Energy Pool Software Platform is an all-in-one system designed to reduce your energy costs, cut CO2 emissions and improve the stability of your grid, capable of handling all types of assets. Depending on your specific needs, we can tailor a plan using our four main features: Local Power Management, Energy Optimisation, Market Optimisation and Flexibility Market Monetisation. Below we describe our Local Power Management capability.
Local Power Management
Energy Pool's Power Management System (PMS) is an intelligent piece of hardware that's installed directly in your facility and works autonomously to manage your local power system and assets. It is the first step in your transition to more self-sufficient and renewable generation.

It is also designed to operate in combination with our cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) to achieve advanced forward-looking optimisation.

As a state-of-the-art PMS, it fine-tunes your power production/consumption in real time, keeping your local grid running smoothly and protecting it against power outages. Whether your network is an islanded microgrid or one that can be connected to or disconnected from the main grid, the PMS ensures that power quality remains high for your most critical assets, focusing on frequency and voltage stability.

It’s equipped with a feature called black start, which is a way of restarting the power supply after a total or partial blackout. It also minimise blackouts and other disruptions through load shedding.

For seamless plant integration, our PMS connects perfectly to your local sensors, PLCs and SCADA using industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP and RTU, Dlms, IEC 62056, OPC UA, OCPP, DNP3 and more. This makes it easy to collect asset data and enables local control and remote web-based asset monitoring and control.

Finally, the local optimisation of the PMS can work hand in hand with the forward-looking optimisations of our EMS. But don’t worry, we always put asset physical security first. Any restrictions imposed by the manufacturer of your production equipment will always be respected and take precedence over system optimisation.

To further optimise your system, the PMS can be combined with our cloud-based forward-looking optimisation capabilities: Energy Optimisation, Electricity Market Optimisation, Flex Market Monetisation .