Virtual Power Plant

illustration of Virtual Power Plant

Virtual Power Plant: a key enabler for Utilities transformation

Energy Pool, originally a Demand Response (DR) aggregator, has started offering its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution 3 years ago. Let’s discover how this solution empowers utilities to manage their portfolio’s flexibility. Paul SANTUS, who manages our software development team, and Baptiste GUILLAUD-ROLLIN […]

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Energy Pool successfully extends its Virtual Power Plant solutions for Utilities to the Netherlands by partnering with Powerhouse

Press release – May 18th 2018

Leading Dutch energy services company Powerhouse partners with Energy Pool to supply emergency power

Energy Pool and Powerhouse have been awarded their first participation in the Dutch Transmission System Operator TenneT’s auction for delivery of emergency power from May 1st […]

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Report on Demand Response aggregators and VPP business

Consulting firm Arthur D. Little just released a report on the fast growing Virtual Power Plant (VPP) business and on Demand Response aggregators landscape. Energy Pool is proud to be recognized as a key market player with one of the most comprehensive offering to monetize flexible assets.

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