TEPCO enters into Energy Pool Japan’s capital

Olivier BAUD, CEO Energy Pool Développement & Nobuhide AKIMOTO, CEO TEPCO Energy Partner

TEPCO enters into Energy Pool Japan’s capital

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TOKYO, 11 December 2019 – TEPCO and Energy Pool reinforce their collaboration and close today a deal by which TEPCO Energy Partner enters into the capital of Energy Pool’s subsidiary in Japan.

TEPCO and Energy Pool have been contributing to the sound development of the balancing management business utilizing users’ resources in Japan since 2016 and alongside electricity market liberalisation.

TEPCO is taking a stake in Energy Pool Japan at a key moment for the Japanese electricity system: the increase in variable renewable energy such as renewable energy power supply in Japan requires more flexibility from the electric system to ensure balancing of demand and supply. Furthermore, Japanese archipel is about to establishing in 2020 a balancing market and a capacity market.

Energy Pool’s 10-year extensive experience in Europe should contribute to developing relevant, reliable and economic flexibility services for transmission system operators. In addition, the reinforcement of historical cooperation between TEPCO and Energy Pool should give to the Japanese consumers the opportunity to benefit from Energy Pool expertise and therefore to monetize their full flexibility potential (gas & electricity).

In addition to the reinforcement of their market presence in Japan, as well as diversification in the service offering to the Japanese consumers, TEPCO and Energy Pool aim, through this unique partnership, at developing their activities in Asia.

“We are very happy to reach this new step since it will be synonym of common developments in Japan and Asia for energy transition and to the benefit of consumers, but also because it illustrates the relationship based on trust between TEPCO Energy Partner et Energy Pool”, says Olivier BAUD.

Finally, this partnership concretely illustrates the cooperation agreement for innovation for energy transition signed in Tokyo in June 2019 between French and Japanese governments (Japanese METI and French ministry for energy transition).


TEPCO Energy Partner was set up in 2015 as the result of TEPCO unbundling, TEPCO EP is concentrating supply activities of TEPCO group. Initially concentrated on TEPCO area, TEPCO Energy Partner now offers its services to clients spread in all over Japan.

Energy Pool is the smart energy manager allowing for optimization of energy flexibilities and complex systems (pool of end-users (Demand Response (DR) capacities), energy storage systems, and on-site generation assets). Energy Pool manages a portfolio of 6 GW of flexible load and distributed generation worldwide.
Energy Pool is committed to being a key enabler of energy transition worldwide, allowing most people to have access to a low-carbon, competitive and reliable energy.
Energy Pool Japan, set up in 2015, manages a portfolio of 1 GW of load flexibility stemming from nearly 400 sites.