Japan's largest utility, TEPCO partners with Energy Pool to deploy Demand Response

Japan’s largest utility, TEPCO partners with Energy Pool to deploy Demand Response


Energy Pool successfully extends its Demand Response business worldwide by signing a new long-term partnership agreement with TEPCO.

Energy Pool delivers to TEPCO a wide range of services and tools (including Energy Pool’s DRMS (Demand Response Management System) platform) to identify, contract and enable Demand Response participation for thousands of TEPCO’s clients. As of April 2017, Energy Pool will manage Demand Response operations (load reduction/stimulation) from its NOC (Network Operations Centre) based in Tokyo.

“This partnership results from several years of dedicated work, we are proud to contribute to ensuring security of supply in Japan and to offer to TEPCO a new lever for competitiveness at a time where all utilities throughout the world need to reinvent their business model. We launched our activity in Japan three years ago, we truly thank all our partners, especially Schneider Electric for giving us a great support” says Olivier BAUD, Energy Pool CEO & founder.

Energy Pool started its Demand Response activity in Japan in 2013, building a demonstrator for electricity modulation under the tender program Next Generation Energy and Social System Demonstration Projects led by the government (METI). Since then, Energy Pool managed several Demand Response events enabling both the government and TEPCO to measure Demand Response benefits for the Japanese electricity system.