Software platform

An integrated platform enabling the management of all types of distributed energy assets

An end-to-end and flexible solution to manage complex energy systems

Using our energy management system, monitor, predict, aggregate, optimize, and control your assets, while accessing new revenues streams from reserves and energy markets.

<b>Gartner Market Guide for EMOS</b>
Gartner Market Guide for EMOS

Energy Pool has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Energy Management and Optimization Systems (EMOS) report.

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Energy Pool's platform is highly flexible and can cover the specific needs of a wide range of applications:

> Demand side management, demand response, and more broadly ancillary services from distributed generation, renewables and batteries

> Renewables portfolio optimization, aggregation, and direct marketing

> Microgrids and hybrid power plants management

> Local grid and congestions management, integration of distributed energy resources with the operations of a distribution grid.

A flexibility and energy management integrated solution

A secured assets connection through our telecontrol solution Flex-Box

Energy Pool telecontrol solution Flex-Box enables automated, secured and reliable connectivity between the EMS and all the distributed assets.

> A solution developed by Energy Pool installed on best available market hardware solutions.

> Connectivity with the Web.Box (online portal).

> An agile solution with the ability to support new protocols and applications.

> Industrial and IoT protocols with secured data transmission.

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