Our EMS has been chosen to optimize Mopabloem’s energy system

Our EMS has been chosen to optimize Mopabloem’s energy system

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Energy Pool Netherlands and our Business Partner Eval/Grid Services received the confirmation to deliver our Energy Management System (EMS) to Mopabloema state of the art tulip grower located in Rijsenhout in the Dutch province of North Holland. Mopabloem produces, packages and ships 150.000.000 tulips per year.

Mopabloem’s growing process is all around the year, where winter is imitated in large cooling warehouses so the bulbs can develop in the right climate. As soon as the bulbs have rooted, they will be placed into the greenhouse to grow into full tulips. In the greenhouse the temperature needs to be between 16-18 degrees continuously. In the winter, this heat is provided through large radiator systems, where the water is currently heated through a 1,6 MW combined heat and power (CHP) supported by 2 large warm water storage tanks of 1000m3 combined.

Mopabloem is a frontrunner in local energy – and heat production. They regularly revisit their energy system and trading strategy with the aim to minimize energy cost and maximize value creation in energy markets and ancillary services. The latest investments are into a Solar PV system with 3000 panels, 2 electric boilers and there are plans to soon complement the system with a Battery Solution (BESS). A promising future proof set-up, however complex to manage, especially in the face of local grid congestion challenges.

The agility and trading automation of the EMS were the main reasons to select Grid Services and Energy Pool to deploy their system.

We chose for Energy Pool because it will help us to perform better in the energy transition our company is looking at. With the forecasting and optimization module in their EMS we expect to get better results in the future.

Coen Haakman – Operations Manager, Mopabloem

We will in the first phase deploy the Power Management System (PMS) and EMS to optimize PV production in combination with the CHP and eBoilers within the constraints of transformers and grid capacity.

In the second phase, we will include the battery energy storage system (BESS)  and valorize the flexibility in the different ancillary services. In between we will assist Mopabloem in the dimensioning of the BESS.