Energy Pool’s winning strategy in Belgium


Already selected by ELIA the Belgian TSO on last July and August R3DP (tertiary reserve) monthly auctions, Energy Pool is now winning a significant share of the market for September.

Energy Pool monetizes end-users flexibilities on all ELIA’s markets open to Demand participation, and is pleased to give access to new revenues streams to its industrial clients. Already offering energy contract optimization services, Energy Pool will actively participate in the coming balancing market (bid ladder) which will enable to extract more value from end-user flexibility.

At the European level, Energy Pool keeps on bidding to crossboarder primary reserve call for tenders. First reserve to be activated in case of imbalances between supply and demand, primary reserve is the most strategic for TSOs. In 2014 Energy Pool became the first actor to provide primary reserve through Demand Response, since then Energy Pool provides everyday several MW to Elia so as to stabilize Belgian grid frequency.