Energy Pool and TEPCO Energy Partner successfully launch large-scale Demand Response operations


Energy Pool and TEPCO Energy Partner successfully implemented the first step of their program to deploy advanced Demand Response services in Japan, with a first tranche of 160 MW.

The two partners designed Demand Response programs meeting TEPCO and TEPCO’s customers’ needs from capacity programs dispatchable within 2 hours to fast response programs with response time below 30 minutes.
First Demand Response programs were deployed across 50 industrial customers, monitored in real-time from Energy Pool Operating Center in Tokyo. This latter is equipped with Energy Pool worldclass IoT platform Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) and can activate flexible load in case of grid emergency or at times of high electricity demand.

This is the largest deployment of advanced Demand Response technology in Japan, bringing Energy Pool and TEPCO Energy Partner at the forefront of innovation in demand management.

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