Energy Pool and renewables developer NW Group first actors to date to successfully provide primary reserve in France from a lithium-ion battery.


Press release

Energy Pool and  renewables energy developer NW Group first actors to date to successfully provide primary reserve (frequency regulation services) in France from a lithium-ion battery.

– NW energy storage system located in Jonzac (southwest of France) is now certified by French TSO RTE to provide frequency regulation services.
– Around thirty additional energy storage systems are to be deployed and monetized by NW Group and Energy Pool.

January 7, 2019 – The energy storage system (lithium-ion battery) designed and deployed by NW Group and operated by Energy Pool has since this morning provided a frequency regulation service to secure and balance in real-time the electricity system. Commissioned at the end of 2018, the storage system has been certified by RTE and now participates in the primary reserve market.

In the same way as generation assets, or end-users providing demand response capacity on the market, the energy stored and released by the battery is adjusted 24/7 in response to frequency deviations. Doing so, the highest stake remains to deliver a reliable service to the TSO.

RTE sent us the confirmation of the certification on January 2nd, we bid on the market platform on January 3rd and operations were launched on January 7th. In addition to our projects in the UK, we are very proud to now operate batteries in France” said Jean-Charles BOLLOTTE, Project Manager at Energy Pool.

For NW Group, such achievement, unique so far in France represents a key milestone as part of the development of NW Group “Storage plan 2019-2023”” stated Yves JEGO, Managing Director at NW Group.