Energy Management for Commercial and Industrial Prosumers

How commercial and industrial consumers are moving towards the future of energy?

Shifts in energy costs have upset the balance sheets of several industries. This has led companies to look for solutions, including generating their own power.
As they transition into the role of consumer companies that generate their own energy, they’re faced with the task of navigating the complex world of energy management. They’re looking for a trusted partner and a comprehensive solution to manage the complexity of their energy needs.

What challenges do C&I prosumers face in this journey to the future?

How does the Energy Pool contribute to the solution of these challenges?

Energy Pool is ready to partner with you to achieve optimal energy cost management. Our robust engineering expertise enables us to guide you from assessment and evaluation to operational planning, tailoring each step to your unique needs.

Our software solution can be deployed in stages, from optimising onsite operations to interacting with energy markets and grid operators to grow with your needs.

We manage your assets to improve efficiency using Energy Pool’s optimisation software platform. This includes forecasting renewable production, plant consumption and market prices, while taking into account the physical limitations of your plant and optimising overall operations.

If your assets have the capacity to support the stability of the main grid through their flexibility programme (if available), we’ll manage this in accordance with your constraints - and you’ll be compensated for it.