Business case - Winoa

Monetization of Winoa flexibilities


Winoa, steel manufacturer, is looking for solutions to gather new revenues and/or reduce electricity costs.


Find a way (through aggregation) to secure Winoa’s flexibilities and deliver reliable Demand Response to RTE (in fact : Winoa alone cannot fulfil Demand Response markets requirements in particular in terms of availability or reliability).

Deliverables & Benefits

Energy Pool made Winoa’s participation to DR programs possible:

• Revenues secured for Winoa with adapted and smoothen rules in case of unavailabilities : « We saved 4% on our annual electricity bill which is quite significant for an industrial like us » Daniel Verdier, Plant Manager at Winoa.
• Live monitoring of flexibility available via a web portal.
• Provision of reliable DR to RTE (integration of Winoa’s flexibilities into a larger pool mitigating unavailabilities).