DSBR is over…Your flexibility still has great value!

DSBR is over…Your flexibility still has great value!


National Grid just announced its decision to cancel DSBR auctions for winter 2016/2017. Eventhough this decision is unfortunate, UK keeps high ambition regarding Demand Response development, whose share in the balancing services should reach 30-50% by 2020, as National Grid actively contributes to encouraging DR participation through its power responsive campaign.

DR aggregator Energy Pool started business in the UK in 2013. Energy Pool UK is currently providing energy management services to its customers through the various demand side response products proposed by National Grid: capacity market, frequency response, operating reserves, renewables integration, transmission charges management.

To value flexibility brought by load reduction and on-site generation at its outmost Energy Pool UK has developed specific offer schemes and powerful analytical tools.
As European leader in Demand Response, with 2500MW under management 24/7, Energy Pool relies on the engineering expertise of its global team. A wide range of C&I end-users, from steel, cement to food industry already chose Energy Pool as their energy management partner.

Monetize your flexibility with Energy Pool, get in touch with us contact.uk@energy-pool.eu