Energy Pool helps UK end-users to lower their energy bill

Generate new revenues through Demand Side Response

A deep knowledge of the UK market

Energy Pool UK, has been established for 3 years, and is currently providing energy management services to its customers through various National Grid demand side response products which deliver : capacity reserve and remplacement, frequency balancing, renewables integration and congestion management.
Through our unique technology, we unlock the full potential value of a wide range of assets enabling our clients to generate new revenue streams from them.

Energy Pool manages and monetises flexibility from:

How it works


If you can change your consumption or production output in less than 10 minutes. We maximise your flexible value in NG operating reserve markets.
Your advantages:

• Get paid for the energy delivered or not consumed
• Increase value through multi mechanism participation with a single operational procedure


If you have consumption flexibility or an onsite generation asset (CHP –DRUPS – GENSET). We maximise your revenues on the capacity market.
Your advantages:

• We manage the full process though pre-qualification to operation
• We add additional revenue streams such as Reserve or Frequency without increasing your commitment


If you can quickly (within a few seconds) shut down some assets,this will allow you to generate revenues from the various frequency markets.
Your advantages:
• Fully tailored service to adapt to your operational constraints
• You remain in control of your activity though your dedicated web portal


Our solution combines warning signals (forecasting when TRIAD events should happen) with automated control, this minimizes your usage during costly half hour periods.
Your advantages:
• Improved resilience via within day forecasts
• Cost avoidance


If you can increase your consumption (either through shifting consumption or reducing embedded generation) you can generate additional revenues by consuming excess renewable energy.
Your advantages:
• Optimise onsite generation use
• Reduce your energy bill while helping to integrate RES on the grid for greener and more sustainable energy system


If your asset has a license to export electricity then you can earn additional revenues by allocating volume ahead of real time to sell on the power exchanges.

An end-to-end support to unlock full flexibility value

Energy Pool’s Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) & Automation solution (DR box)

Energy Pool’s DERMS has been operational at energy pool’s network operations center since 2012. This results from several years of practical know-how of Demand response management worldwide

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Consulting Services

Our client an aircraft manufacturer is considering the installation of a new production line, but wonders whether an installation in France is the most economical solution.

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IT solutions

To participate to interruptibility program in France, industrial sites need to be equipped with a robust relay.

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Demand Response Operation

Winoa, world leading steel manufacturer, is looking for solutions to gather new revenues and/or reduce electricity costs.

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