Energy Pool Développement (trade name: Energy Pool) is a simplified joint-stock company registered under French law.

The company is led by Olivier BAUD, CEO and Founder.

The supervisory board (Consultative Committee)

The supervisory board approves the strategy and budget of the company, controls the actions of the management and elects the Management board (CEO).
The supervisory board now comprises 5 members:

  • - Olivier BAUD, CEO and Founder of Energy Pool
  • - Thierry TEIRLYNCK, Deputy CEO in charge of Business Development, Energy Pool (Chairman of the supervisory board)
  • - Jérôme de PARSCAU, Senior Vice President, Digital Portfolio Manager, Schneider Electric
  • - Matthieu MEUNIER, Senior Vice President Finance & CFO France, Schneider Electric
  • - Philippe BARREAU, Group Executive Vice President, IDEMIA.

The supervisory board is also supported by a Strategic Committee which prepares its work, especially the definition of the development priorities of the company.

Energy Pool shareholding

Energy Pool Développement is controlled by Energy Pool Fondateurs, a holding company mainly held by employees of Energy Pool Développement.