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What is Demand Response and how it works?

The energy world is experiencing profound changes, both utilities and system operators are facing new challenges: balancing intermittent generation, integration of decentralized power generation at local level, covering peak demand… These new drivers make balancing supply and demand more difficult and costly than it used to be.
End-users flexibility in electricity consumption usually called “Demand Response” is a cost-effective solution to meet these new challenges.

End-users become actor of smart energy management by adjusting their electricity consumption:


By developing and/or participating in Demand Response programs:
End-users reduce their electricity costs.
Utilities provide new services to their client while optimizing use of generation assets.
Policy makers contribute to a greener society: Demand Response is an environmentally friendly solution, avoiding use of back up power plants (thermal power plants) and facilitating the integration of renewables.
Multi fuel power plant
The benefits of Demand Response for Utilities
Many utilities have placed smart grid initiatives at the center of their development strategy.
Logistique et entrepôts
How implementing smart energy storage
How electricity end-users can generate important savings on their electricity bill.


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Finding new ways to integrate renewable energy into the grid

From 2012 to 2015, Energy Pool led a major R&D project aiming to enhance renewable energy sources integration through innovative Demand Response. EnR Pool’s key objective: using end-users flexibility to compensate renewable energy sources variations.
In 2014, Energy Pool and its partners (CEA, INES, Schneider Electric) tested new Demand Response programs on a global pool of 100 MW of DR capacity and 72 MW of renewable energy (wind & solar). EnR-Pool is a project supported by the French environment and energy management agency as part of the smart electricity grids project in the investments for the future programme.

Further information:

 EnR-Pool website  EnR-Pool on ADEME website

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